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Commercial housing development to provide 420 homes for the Iraq middle income market.

The OK Shopping Mall on Gulan Road, Erbil

Iraq’s first full service, multi-level,
destination shopping centre.

Fully air-conditioned, 24 hour electricity, underground car park, full service shopping centre to
open early 2008.

four floors of prestige shopping, restaurant, games and fun outlets with a full height Atrium, panoramic lifts and travelator access between floors.

Erbil’s first destination shopping centre for a day or evening out.

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In 2004 the Trade and Industry department of the UK Foreign Office asked JMJ to meet local Iraq partners with a view to setting up a housing consortium based at Erbil, the capital of Iraqui Kurdistan.

There followed the creation of the Hawler Housing Project whose objects have been to carry out commercial housing development in the Kurdistan Region based on the English Village brand. The first tract of land granted by the Kurdistan Regional Government to H.H.P. has been some 26 Hectares for the creation of the English Village One development of 420 homes. Sales began in Spring 2006 and all but a dozen of the houses are sold, and will complete in August this year with all the homes sold.

Construction started in early 2006 and is well towards completion with over 250 homes now occupied. English Village homes benefit from 235 M2 of space on two floors with five bedrooms full air conditioning, fitted kitchens and two bathrooms. H.H.P. have ensured from their own resources the provision of 24 hour per day electricity to every home.

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